Burning the Books

a history of burning and destroying the written knowledge

Consciousness Explained

The quasivisual nature of the phenomenology of comprehension has been almost entirely ignored by researchers in cognitive science, particularly in Artificial Intelligence, who have attempted to create language-understanding computer systems.

Data and Reality

the book title says it succinctly

Foundations of Statistical Natural Language Processing

Sometimes it felt a bit out-dated but the explanations of various algorithms and principles was very good and understanable.

Give and Take

Givers, takers and matchers. Givers are the most and least successful of all. I had to stop listening to this.

How to Win Friends and Influence People

One of the oldest self-help books. I am not the intended audience. I couldn’t follow his rules and being true to myself, authentic and consistent.

It Starts With Food

Whole30 diet, not very good for vegans and vegetarians

J. S. Bach

Knížka, kterou jsem si opakovaně půjčoval z adamovské knihovny. Byl jsem snad jediný.


“Why take five hundred pages,” he asks, “to develop an idea whose oral demonstration fits into a few minutes?” (Thursday, June 19, 2014, 07:14 PM, page 155)

Metamagical Themas

An anthology of Hofstadter’s articles in Scientific American


Zoufalství ve střetu s bezhlavou mašinérií


Our world needs introverts. Being introvert is normal.

Slova a pravidla

Knížka od Pinkera. Přestal jsem ji číst, protože nesouhlasím s teorií, kterou tam Pinker popisuje. Obsahuje spoustu pěkných příkladů, ale jejich interpretace mě rozčilovala, tak jsem ji asi v půlce odložil.

The Book of Why

Not very engaging but definitely important topic of correlation, causation, statistics and AI.

The Parasitic Mind

Bit misleading title for the book full of angry arguments against overly liberal policies mainly in USA. I stopped listening to the audio version of the book circa in the middle.

The Rational Optimist

The best time to live is now. And it will be even better.

Think and Grow Rich

Self-help book from 1937. After reading so many self-help book before this one, I realized it gets boring…

When Things Fall Apart

A soothing voice will tell you how to cope with problems in your life, but not how to solve them.