How to Make People Like You in 90 Seconds

This books comes with a classification of people into three groups: visual, tonal and motoric, which seems quite plausible and useful.

Thinking, Fast and Slow

clever and courageous; it strongly supports my convinction that we are just a bit better than apes


Fixed vs growth mindset. The former is limiting you, the latter will help ou to improve yourself quickly.

Jak drahá je intuice

Third book from Dan Ariely. A bit less entertaining but still very informative.

Reč těla

Learn to manage your body expressions to help you persuade, empathize, soothe, … others

The Paradox of Choice

If I read this book before all those Arielys, Kahnemans, then it would be much more interesting and mind-boggling.

Džungle před tabulí

Příběh o učiteli v New Yorku

Social Engineering

Learn some actionable practices to hack human brain of other people and exploit it’s attributes and weaknesses.