What I am doing now

a page describing what I’ve been doing recently


list of wines witn notes and rating

Patterns for Personal Web Sites

a list of good practices for personal web sites

Tea – notes on tasting

list of tea with notes and rating

About me

About page with links and details, used as a CV.

How to contact me

Preferred way of contacting me

Search for common ancestors

How I found out that my wife is my 3rd cousine once removed

What I use

A list of things I use regularly

I am 83% normal

my results from an online assessment tool


what I use, where you can find my work and some online albums

Academic Bio

a short academic bio

Vít Baisa, Ph.D.

a short profile for CorpusMate

Daily nutrition statistics

an estimate of daily calories intake

Vít Baisa

Portfolio with qualifications, skills, experience and other activities

My beliefs

a set of beliefs and the reasoning behind them with references


Personal stuff, texts about me and my family

My education

What school I attended and what courses/workshops I passed.