The Feynman Lectures on Physics I

the famous lectures by Richard Feynman turned into a book

The Black Swan

my first book from Taleb and an instant favourite

The Selfish Gene

This book has changed my life. It made me realize that I am a machine for propagating DNA–a survival machine. Everything else is a by-product of evolution.

Science in the Soul

Richard Dawkins selected short writings

The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection

This is a must-read for all students. The style is not very entertaining but there are only a few such impactful book in the world.

The Demon-Haunted World

A great book by a great scholar. I expected more science and less politics, but still, great reading.

Talking to strangers

Just several anecdotal stories about how people can’t really understand and predict each other


How to be better at forecasting. How to overcome our biases.

Sedm zákonů

Pohled na zrod, vzestup a pád civilizací z výšky. Směs Diamonda, Harariho, Roslinga, …

Open Access

A good overview of the issue with publishing science


It is clear from this book that music and its perception is very deeply engraved into our brain.

Metamagical Themas

An anthology of Hofstadter’s articles in Scientific American

Metafory paměti

A history of metaphors of memory, how they changed with technology and how they related to understanding of our minds.


there is a slight chance that our generation can live to 100 years with a good health. There is also a non-negligible chance that we won’t die.

Language Myths

A set of short articles about language myths. Some great, some weak, but good overall.

Jak se dělá imunita

stručný přehled o fungování imunity

How To

Another funny book from the author of XKCD comics.

I Contain Multitudes

It felt to me like a very long blog entry or a longish article on web rather than a science popular book.

How to live

One of a few authors who writes about ideas without any unnecessary words

Homo Deus

If you consider yourself an intellectual, you should read this since all people considering themselves as intellectuals probably have read this book as well, myself included.

Hell Yes or No

A brief but dense book full of wit, clever questions, ideas and thought food. Derek is compressing many self-help and life-hack books and it is

The Formation of Vegetable Mould

The last book of Darwin which perfectly shows how rigorous he was and that he was such a talent for discovering of long-term phenomena.

The Emperor of All Maladies

Cancer seems to be an inevitable part of our biology

The Ancestor's Tale

Goodreads review: Another great book from Dawkins. I would love to have like 100 more pictures to illustrate the living or extinct animals.

The 4-Hour Workweek

Stop working and fully enjoy your life! Easy, isn’t it?

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck

one of the best self-help books I’ve ever read; own your life

Thinking, Fast and Slow

clever and courageous; it strongly supports my convinction that we are just a bit better than apes


people are quite bad in estimating how world is improving

A Brief History Of Time

the most commonly unfinished book of all times–hard to digest but a real treat for a curious mind

It Starts With Food

Whole30 diet, not very good for vegans and vegetarians


Půjčil jsem si od Dana Kropáčka, nebo na jeho doporučení jsem přečetl.


An instant favourite. What a thinker this Harari!

On Intelligence

This book had an impact on me while working on my PhD thesis as it resonated with my view of artificial (machine) intelligence.


One of the best self-help book I’ve read.


Mildly interesting

Velká Fermatova věta

One of my first popular science (math) book.

The Joy of Music

A must-read for classical music listeners.

Větrné toulání

Výběr krátkých povídek a příběhů od Míly Nevrlého

Slova a pravidla

Knížka od Pinkera. Přestal jsem ji číst, protože nesouhlasím s teorií, kterou tam Pinker popisuje. Obsahuje spoustu pěkných příkladů, ale jejich interpretace mě rozčilovala, tak jsem ji asi v půlce odložil.

Jak drahé je zdarma

Anchors, framing, prospect theory and much more

Jak drahá je intuice

Third book from Dan Ariely. A bit less entertaining but still very informative.

Desatero domácí ekologie

Rady a tipy pro domácnosti. Některé rozumné, některé přehnané, ale žádné zbytečné.

The God Delusion

Dawkins’ attack on the religion. This probably won’t make you an apostate but I liked it a lot as many other Dawkins’ books.

The Greatest Show on Earth

Bertrand Russell said, ‘We may all have come into existence five minutes ago, provided with ready-made memories, with holes in our socks and hair that needed cutting.

Reč těla

Learn to manage your body expressions to help you persuade, empathize, soothe, … others

Bad Science

An overview of the problems with the current state of science and its methods and procedures

The Paradox of Choice

If I read this book before all those Arielys, Kahnemans, then it would be much more interesting and mind-boggling.

The Extended Phenotype

The book was quite hard to follow since it is very academical and if you are not acquainted with biology and genetics I think it will be hard to follow for you too.

The Red Queen

Doporučení od Honzy Michelfeita. Goodreads review: Packed with new information, many examples, clever ideas - it was delight to read each day on my way to work.

The Oxford Book of Modern Science Writing

A contemporary has said, not unjustly, that in this materialistic age of ours the ser ious scientifi c workers are the only profoundly religious people.

Consciousness Explained

The quasivisual nature of the phenomenology of comprehension has been almost entirely ignored by researchers in cognitive science, particularly in Artificial Intelligence, who have attempted to create language-understanding computer systems.

Gödel, Escher, Bach

Probably the hardest book I’ve ever read. If you want to get the overall idea, read I am a strange loop instead.

Guns, germs, and steel

Goodreads review: I agree with the opinion in the book and I like the whole idea but the arguments could have been much shorter and denser.


An overview of a completely new scientific field

The Structure of Scientific Revolutions

Hard to read. Both history and acquaintance made me doubt that practitioners of the natural sciences possess firmer or more permanent answers to such questions than their colleagues in social science.

The End of Faith

Another attempt at attacking religion from one of Four Horsemen.


Great non-fiction comix. I want more of these!

The Gene

Not so good as his previous book about cancer.

The Moral Landscape

An attempt at formalizing or defining morality. That’s a hard task, but Harris doesn’t fail completely.

The Laws of Simplicity

The topic of simplicity is really complex.

Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman!

Funny. So famous that you need to read it.

Deep Work

It was not so eye-opening, probably because I’ve read a bunch of similar books before this one—I liked Essentialism much more.

Mým marodům

Spousta zajímavých myšlenek, ale je potřeba autora brát s rezervou. Což je tedy potřeba asi vždy a všude.

Zázračný úklid

If you are a hoarder, you need to read this. If you have too many things in your house, you should read this. If you are a minimalist, skip it.

Why we sleep

Walker is exaggerating to emphasize his point, but there is a lot of interesting facts.

The Better Angels of Our Nature

A clever argument in favour of optimism.


Ramblings on rationality, biases, false believes, artificial intelligence, …


Malcolm is a good storyteller but I don’t enjoy his books very much.

God is not great

Hitchens has much more arguments against religions than other prominentatheist writers (e.g. Dawkins with his God’s delusion) and this book seemed more compelling.

Everything is Fucked

His previous book was much better, but this one is better compared to other self-help books I have read.

Enlightenment now

Velmi dlouhý argument o tom, proč je věda, vzdělání dobrá.

Chvály Zadní země

Méně známá knížečka od libereckého poutníka Míly Nevrlého.

21 Lessons for the 21st Century

The third book from Harari, probably the weakest of the three, but still a fun to read.


Taleb introduces another great term—antifragility—which can be found in many areas. And which can be consciously improved. It’s more than robustness.

Thirty Million Words

Encourage your child’s ability to self-regulate

The Evolution of Everything

If you push enough, everything can be explained with evolution theory.

The Code Book

The history of cryptography from the acknowledged popular science (maths) book author.

How Innovation Works

Innovation is a long, messy and complex process. The contributions of single scientics and inventors is overstated.


Sagan is one of the most prominent popular science author and this book was even turned into a series.

A Brief History of Everyone Who Ever Lived

What can modern DNA analysis tell us about our ancestors? A lot actually.

Slepé skvrny

Palčivé problémy Česka v podání předního sociologa, který neváhá kritizovat levici i pravici.

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

A self-help novel, full of great wisdoms packed into a bit weird story.

How to Win Friends and Influence People

One of the oldest self-help books. I am not the intended audience. I couldn’t follow his rules and being true to myself, authentic and consistent.

Give and Take

Givers, takers and matchers. Givers are the most and least successful of all. I had to stop listening to this.