Nejkrásnější sbírka

Nádnerná a poetická knížka. Nejlépe čtená u ohně v rumunských horách.

Langkofel Group

Barunka watching the sunset on mountain rock towers of Langkofel Group, Grohmannspitze mountain, Fuenffingerspitze mountain and Langkofel Mountain, Sella Pass, Dolomites, Alto Adige, Italy.

A tree in autumn, Hochschwab

Yellow color European mountain ash (Sorbus aucuparia) tree, red orange foliage in fall on an isolated tiny tree on rocky background.

Overlooking the Gardena Pass

Barunka looking at Gardena Pass, Sass da Ciampac, Tor Bornech and Sass dla Luesa, Trentino Alto Adige, Italy. Taken on a short trip around the Gardena Pass in September, 2021.

Mt. Kangtega

Clouds in front of Mt. Kangtega and Mt. Thamserku, Khumbu, Sagarmatha National Park. Trekking in Nepal Himalayas. EBC (Everest base camp trek) trail upper part from Lukla of Everest trek.

Maramures Mountains

View of Maramures ridge from Rodna Mountains National Park hike, Muntii Rodnei National Park, Romania, Romanian Carpathian Mountains, Europe.

Karavanken ridge

Steep slopes in summer, huge limestone walls, panoramic peaks and mountains with valleys around. Dwarf mountain pine in challenging terrain in Karavanke mountains, Slovenia and Karawanken mountains, Carinthia, Austria.


Summer aerial panorama view of Hofpurglhutte – Hofpurgl Alpine Mountain House Hut with forest and alpine mountain range in background. Gosauseen or Vorderer Gosausee lake, Salzkammergut region, Upper Austria.


Sunny sunset colorful summer alpine view. Peaceful mountain lake with clear transparent water and reflections. Gosauseen or Vorderer Gosausee lake, Salzkammergut region, Upper Austria.


View of Fleischerkreuz metal cross in backlight near Fleischer-Biwak and Schiestlhaus mountain hut refugio on top of the Hochschwab moutain

Sunrise on Tofana di Rozes

The photo was taken just a few hundred meters from Rifugio Cinque Torri, 7:14 in the morning.

Morning on Cinque Torri

Sunrise morning view of our tent and Tofane mountains Tofana di Rozes in background. Dolomites, Trentino Alto Adige region, South Tyrol, Italy, Europe.

Sunset in Sella Pass, Dolomites

Orange red sunset panorama of Dolomites. Evening view from Sella Pass, Dolomites, Alto Adige, Italy towards Fermeda, Puez-Odle Natural Park.