Beginning of Infinity

A scientific and optimistic view of our future. A really captivating book.


One of the best self-help book I’ve read.


people are quite bad in estimating how world is improving

Karpatské hry

a book which beautifully describes the magic of wandering in the wild mountains (or Romania)


Fixed vs growth mindset. The former is limiting you, the latter will help ou to improve yourself quickly.

On Intelligence

This book had an impact on me while working on my PhD thesis as it resonated with my view of artificial (machine) intelligence.


An instant favourite. What a thinker this Harari!

The Black Swan

My first book from Taleb and an instant favourite

The Selfish Gene

This book has changed my life. often the most important contribution a scientist can make is to discover a new way of seeing old theories or facts.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F٭ck

One of the best self-help books I’ve ever read.

Thinking, Fast and Slow

clever and courageous; it strongly supports my convinction that we are just a bit better than apes