21 Lessons for the 21st Century

The third book from Harari, probably the weakest of the three, but still a fun to read.


Klasický román z francouzského prostředí


Půjčil jsem si od Dana Kropáčka, nebo na jeho doporučení jsem přečetl.

Guns, germs, and steel

Goodreads review: I agree with the opinion in the book and I like the whole idea but the arguments could have been much shorter and denser. It was bit boring. emergence of writing around 3,000 B.C. also receives brief treatment, although it constitutes 99.9% of the five-million-year history of the human species. (Friday, July 17, 2015, 05:25 PM, page 133-35) Today, most live-born Western infants survive fatal infections as well and reproduce themselves, regardless of their intelligence and the genes they bear.


Fry is doing a great job of retelling the ancient well-known stories. As good as his previous book.

Homo Deus

If you consider yourself an intellectual, you should read this since all people considering themselves as intellectuals probably have read this book as well, myself included.

Jeden den Ivana Děnisoviče

Popis jednoho obyčejného dne v gulagu na Sibiři v 50. letech 20. století


It was so good, that I bought it in Czech for my grandma. She loved it and now it circulates in our family.

Navzdory básník zpívá

Četba této knížky mi zařídila 1 z maturity z češtiny, protože jsem si vytáhl téma renesance.


An instant favourite. What a thinker this Harari!

The Da Vinci Code

My first book read in English and while travelling.

The Science Book

A brief history of natural sciences. Heavily biased towards physics and chemistry.


Mildly interesting

Všichni lidé bratry jsou

Moje první Simmelovka, na doporučení taťky.