PLIN028 2019

Study material for PLIN028

Machine Translation: Mindmap

A hierarchy of important terms, relevant for PLIN019 Machine translation.

Machine Translation – Rule-based Systems

Second chapter on Machine Translation focused on the first approach to MT; rule-based systems.

Machine Translation – Introduction

The first chapter on MT. Created for PLIN019 Machine Translation course.

Text Processing Kokořín

Materiály k workshopu pro datové žurnalisty.

Machine Translation: Statistical approach

A study text prepared for PLIN019 Machine translation

Machine Translation: Evaluation

A study text created for PLIN019 Machine translation


PLIN028 study material


Study material for PLIN028, Beamer class for LaTeX.

PLIN028 Samostudium 2015

materiály pro samostudium PLIN028, 2015 podzim


Study material for PLIN028, CSS.

Python3 Babitas

Podklady k soukromému workshopu základy programování v Python

Pavia Python Seminar

Materials for a Python course I gave in Pavia, Italy in 2019.

HTML úkoly

Úkoly pro PLIN028

CSS předloha

PLIN028 study material

PLIN19 Machine translation

Materiály pro předmět PLIN019 Strojový překlad.

Machine learning and neural networks in NLP

A brief survey of important topics from machine learning and natural language processing.

My education

What school I attended and what courses/workshops I passed.