Life 3.0

Refreshingly interesting although it sometimes feels like blog entries or a diary of an extremely intelligent scientist

This is Your Brain on Music

I’ve read Sack’s Musicophilia and it was much better.

The Great Mental Models I

Probably the best (and funniest) was Hanlon’s razor: never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Learning at work is win-win: you earn money and at the same time learn new things so invest into yourself. Buy assets, not liabilities. Invest as soon as possible.

How to Make People Like You in 90 Seconds

This books comes with a classification of people into three groups: visual, tonal and motoric, which seems quite plausible and useful.

How to Create a Mind

Hard to tell if the book is really so bad by the blink but I was expecting little more from such an author.

Algorithms to Live By

Well known algorithms. Nothing extraordinary.

How to Lie with Statistics

Maybe blinkist is summarizing the books badly as I tend to score the books from Blinkist quite low.

Making the Modern World

Hard to assess properly from blink, but Bill Gates recommends this author repeatedly so I should probably read something unabridged from him in the future.

The Language Insinct

He is a great author, but personally, he gets natural language completely wrong.

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

I should probably read the whole book, this blink certainly was interesting!

The Great Mental Models II

Comparatively worse than the first book (blink)


A biography of Richard Feynman. Nothing memorable.


A hard topic to write about. I expected a bit more since Sam Harris (her husband) and some other notable authors and scientists have recommended the book.

Outgrowing God

Another briliant book from the great Dawkins. You love him or you hate him. I love him.

Thirty Million Words

Encourage your child’s ability to self-regulate

The Missionary Position

Mother Teresa’s morals and believes clearly belong to the past.

The Evolution of Everything

If you push enough, everything can be explained with evolution theory.

The Code Book

The history of cryptography from the acknowledged popular science (maths) book author.

Social Engineering

Learn some actionable practices to hack human brain of other people and exploit it’s attributes and weaknesses.

Putin's People

How Putin raised his power, gained control of whole industries, banks, companies and ruled Russia with the help of KGB and FSB. Not overwhelmingly pleasant to read.

How Innovation Works

Innovation is a long, messy and complex process. The contributions of single scientics and inventors is overstated.


Sagan is one of the most prominent popular science author and this book was even turned into a series.

A Brief History of Everyone Who Ever Lived

What can modern DNA analysis tell us about our ancestors? A lot actually.