Permanent Record

How mass surveillance work.


Let’s focus on health span instead of live span…

The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

second book in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series

Nevítaný host

detektivní příběh z horského hotýlku

War of Art

How to overcome the resistance to do anything important and to achieve your goals.

The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

an award winning sci-fi novel from 1966

The Great Mental Models I

Probably the best (and funniest) was Hanlon’s razor: never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity

Starship Troopers

A story about a young man who became a soldier accidentally, then became a lieutenant. All while fighting bugs in our galaxy.


A unique planet orbiting two suns is explored by scientists who are completely clueless. The planet creates persons from the scientists’ hidden memories but they fail to communicate and comprehend the planet.

Snow Crash

A sci-fi novel coining terms as Metaverse and Avatar


a collection of myths and stories from the world of The Lord of the Rings

The Second Foundation

Mule’s search for the second foundation.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Learning at work is win-win: you earn money and at the same time learn new things so invest into yourself. Buy assets, not liabilities. Invest as soon as possible.

The Rational Optimist

The best time to live is now. And it will be even better.


Our world needs introverts. Being introvert is normal.


Zoufalství ve střetu s bezhlavou mašinérií

Prelude to Foundation

Harry Seldon on the run with help of Doors.

The Power of Habit

Understand how habits are made and broken and change your life!


there is a slight chance that our generation can live to 100 years with a good health. There is also a non-negligible chance that we won’t die.

Jací jsme dnes

Vzpomínky investigativního novináře Respektu

How to live

One of a few authors who writes about ideas without any unnecessary words

Hell Yes or No

A brief but dense book full of wit, clever questions, ideas and thought food. Derek is compressing many self-help and life-hack books and it is


The first book in the Foundation series.

Den Trifidů

A lot of material for thinking about our society and psychology

The Death's End

It. Was. Grand. I consider it to be almost on a par with A. C. Clarke’s work. We started to the Czech audioversion on 2022-07-09.

The Dark Forest

The second part of the trilogy.

Dune Messiah

the second book in the Dune series

A Jimmy šel za duhou

I thought I’d read the book at high school but was probably mistaken since I didn’t remember a thing while listening to the audio version in 2023.

Burning the Books

a history of burning and destroying the written knowledge


thoughts of a guy in the middle of USA in the middle of 19th century

Foundation and Earth

the last book from the Foundation series

Foundation's Edge

the search for the Earth or Gaia, 500 years after Harry Seldon

Beginning of Infinity

A scientific and optimistic view of our future. A really captivating book.


Fixed vs growth mindset. The former is limiting you, the latter will help ou to improve yourself quickly.

A Short History of Nearly Everything

A good non-fiction audiobook if you are cooking or cleaning your room.

Three-body problem

I enjoyed it almost as books from A. C. Clarke and other titans of sci-fi.


Ramblings on rationality, biases, false believes, artificial intelligence, …

God is not great

Hitchens has much more arguments against religions than other prominentatheist writers (e.g. Dawkins with his God’s delusion) and this book seemed more compelling.

Everything is Fucked

His previous book was much better, but this one is better compared to other self-help books I have read.

Enlightenment now

Velmi dlouhý argument o tom, proč je věda, vzdělání dobrá.

The Parasitic Mind

Bit misleading title for the book full of angry arguments against overly liberal policies mainly in USA. I stopped listening to the audio version of the book circa in the middle.


Taleb introduces another great term—antifragility—which can be found in many areas. And which can be consciously improved. It’s more than robustness.

The Science Book

A brief history of natural sciences. Heavily biased towards physics and chemistry.

Calling Bullshit

How to spot bullshit and what to do after that. Funny and important book.

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

A self-help novel, full of great wisdoms packed into a bit weird story.

Think and Grow Rich

Self-help book from 1937. After reading so many self-help book before this one, I realized it gets boring…

When Things Fall Apart

A soothing voice will tell you how to cope with problems in your life, but not how to solve them.

How to Win Friends and Influence People

One of the oldest self-help books. I am not the intended audience. I couldn’t follow his rules and being true to myself, authentic and consistent.

Can't Hurt Me

Almost unbelievable life story of David Goggins who probably lacks self-preservation instinct. Too extreme to be a true self-help book, but there are some truths in what he is telling (preaching).


Fry is doing a great job of retelling the ancient well-known stories. As good as his previous book.

Give and Take

Givers, takers and matchers. Givers are the most and least successful of all. I had to stop listening to this.


A well known philosophical sci-fi novel

The Martian

A survivor’s journal on Mars


An original take on many topics

How to Avoid Climatic Disaster

An overview of challenges on the way to carbon-neutral future by Bill Gates


Pěkný příběh. Číšila z toho láska k psům a zvířatům.

Thinking in Bets

A poker player teaches us how to decide under uncertainty

Project Hail Mary

A highschool teacher on a suicide mission to save the humanity

Your Music and People

How you should promote yourself and your music creatively

An Appetite for Wonder

Dawkins’ autobiography, the first part, up to the Selfish Gene publication

A Brief Candle in the Dark

Dawkins’ autobiography, the second part. Up to his 70th birthday


A crimi-thriller novel from the author of Martian

Foundation and Empire

The fall of the first foundation. Mule’s quest.