01 AWK

Summing and finding maxima with good old Unix tools

02 Python

Conditions and conditions again in Python

03 Bash

Clumsy string processing in Bash

04 Perl

Counting overlaps in the infamous write-only Perl

05 Go

String processing and stack manipulation with slices and the standard library

06 Javascript

Queues and counters implemented with JavaScript objects

07 Rust

Stack implemented as a vector, substrings using slices

08 Julia

Scouting in the forest with Julia

09 Lisp

Chasing tails with lists and recursion in Common Lisp

10 C

Reading files with fgets and rendering CRT monitor with sprites

11 Erlang

Monkey business in BEAM

12 Lua

Tables as lists, dictionaries, queue

13 Haskell

Haskell recursions, pattern matching and text file parsing

14 Ruby

Ruby has a nice documentation

15 R

Intervals and sets in R

16 C++

Graph navigation with templates

Advent of Code 2022

Solutions of tasks but not results