Grant projects

Since 2009 I have participated in several international, national and university projects.

International projects

ELEXIS European lexicographic infrastructure, H2020

Opening up dictionaries, linguistic data and language tools for European communities.

LINDAT-Clarin, 2010–2015

Czech centre for data providing certified storage and natural language processing services

HaBiT, 2009–2014

Harvesting big text data for under-resourced languages (Czech-Norwegian project). Presentation of the current progress on a seminar in Oslo (2017/04).

PRESEMT, 2010–2012

Pattern REcognition-based Statistically Enhanced MT


Disambiguation of Verbs by Collocation

National projects

Thesaurus, 2014–2015

Semiautomatic building and extension of terminological thesaurus for land surveying domain


Authorship, for Ministry of the Interior of the CR, 2010–2014

Analyzing language on the Internet (authorship attribution)

Centre for Computational Linguistics, 2005–2011

Theoretical research within computational linguistics

University projects

Manipulative techniques on the Internet, 2017–2019

Quantitative analysis of sentiment and manipulative techniques of pro-Russian news outlets on the Czech Internet.

Mining translation memories

Commercialisation of results of research organisations and protection of their intellectual property

published: 2020-04-14
last modified: 2023-01-21