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Predator and prey

All predators and their prey are cousins. They have a common ancestor. Though it took sometimes millions of years for them to develop into a predator and a prey. For humans, a few generations might be enough to do the same.

Also, see a related xkcd.

The truth and identity

I think people (myself included) often link their believes (their truths) with their identities. That’s why it’s so hard for them to change their mind. It feels like they would loose part of themselves to do so.

How to decouple these two?

You can be a prolific blogger if you turn your work into a public documents

If you write an interesting letter, you may publish it.

If you help someone with a topic, you can write a short tutorial and post it.

If you give a presentation, you can polish it a bit and upload so others can use it and learn from it.

An interesting discussion from Slack can be turned into a blog post.


All you need is links

  • Any piece of information can be represented as links (node A – relation – node B).
  • E.g. article tags (categories) can be turned into links to tags (categories).

The only way of doing anything important

(which takes a lot of time) is to have a schedule and a routine.

Social media lack the disapproving silence

See the great article by Devon. You cannot express easily an awkward silence on social media, you can like or (sometimes) dislike, but you can’t have the silent in-person disapproval of bystanders.

All discussions on important topics usually boil down to the difference in the underlying values.

Should we join NATO? It depends if you like western democracy, value individualism and lean to the liberalism.

Every “should” needs an answer to what values do you care about. Solidarity, equality, traditions, innovations/changes, an authority and obedience vs. individualism etc.

So instead of endless arguing, we should first assess where we stand e.g. on the five Haidt’s Moral Foundations:

  • Care—Harm,
  • Fairness—Cheating,
  • Loyalty—Betrayal,
  • Authority–Subversion,
  • Sanctity–Degradation,
  • Liberty–Oppression.

Maybe the arguments would be much shorter if both sides first assess their basic morals values.

April 10, 2022 |