After learning about various interface APIs of our passive home appliances (a heat pump, solar system, central heating control), I decided to play with them a bit.

I bought a Raspberry zero w, wrote API wrappers for the appliances (CTS 602 NILAN, BMR H464 and Fronius Solar API) and started experimenting.

Fronius solar inverter is connected via ethernet to our router, BMR controller as well, NILAN heat pump (and recuperation) via ModBus to the raspberry where I gather data points from the three appliances each 5 minutes and store them in a SQLite database.

The result is then visualized in simple graphs in a web interface using a simple Python web framework bottle.py on the backend and materialize.js, D3.js on the frontend.

It allows a simple control of some features, though usually no intervention is needed when the appliances are properly setup.


Backup files

published: 2020-04-11
last modified: 2024-01-29