Tea ratings

I drink a lot of tea. Sometimes all my daily intake is made of tea. Sometimes I drink more than 2 l of tea per day. But I am not a tea expert. I don’t know much about tea and don’t prepare it properly. I like strong black tea with no additives.

Assam TGFOP1 Sonipur Bio4/55/52024-03-12Smells like chocolate. Hm, assam :)
Bio Oolong White Downy2/53/52024-03-14light taste
Ceylon High Grown OP3/54/52024-03-12classic Ceylon, a bit weak
China Haicha Oolong4/55/52024-03-13Smooth, I like it more than an average oolong
China Oolong Highlang3/53/52024-03-12Similar to gunpowder by taste
Darjeeling FTGFOP 1 FF4/55/52023-12-02
Darjeeling Okayti SFTGFOP1 First Flush2/52023-12-01reminds me of some Ceylon tea
Golden Nepal FTGFOP1 FF5/55/52023-12-01I love Golden Nepal tea, it smells so good…
Java BOP1 Pasir Malang3/53/52024-03-13
Muskatel Darjeeling Margaret’s Hope TGFOP2F4/54/52024-03-14reminds me of Golden Nepal
Nepal Himalayan Bouquet SFTGFOP1 CL Tippy3/54/52023-12-01reminds me of Ceylon tea, with Himalayan hint
Nepal Tara Chiyabari SFTGFOP1 Tippy3/54/52023-12-01
Oolong Tie Kuan Yin (Iron Goddess)3/53/52024-03-14
Oolong smooth3/53/52024-03-13Typical oolong
Rukeri Rwanda OP Bio3/52/52024-03-13earthy smell, taste a bit dull
Taiwan Amber Oolong4/53/52024-03-15Interesting taste, wouldn’t guess it’s oolong
Yunnan Black Mao Feng4/54/52024-03-14earthy
South India Nilgiri TGFOP4/54/52024-03-15black Indian tea
China Milky Oolong Premium4/55/52024-03-15milky, smooth, almost like irish cream
Milima Golden Tipped GFOP Keňa4/54/52024-03-15leaves smell like a cinnamon, a nice black tea
Oolong Tie Kuan Yin Jasmin3/53/52024-03-16evokes green tea, the jasmine is weak
Tanzania Usambara Oolong4/53/52024-03-16tastes almost like a black tea
China Yunnan Pine Needle4/54/52024-03-16
China OP White2/53/52024-03-22smells like mown grass after two days, light
Pai Mu Tan White China2/52/52024-03-25very weak even when prepared strong :)
King Mao Feng White China2/53/52024-03-25a bit stronger (almost green)
Ahmad Tea Earl Grey5/55/52004-01-01for every day, I like the bergamot smell

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published: 2023-12-01
last modified: 2024-03-26