My English vocabulary size estimation

As I am thinking of learning more advanced vocabulary, I was wondering how many words do I already know.

I used this website.

From 140 questions I didn’t know (at all) these words:

raving, fen, allege, bloc, rouble, gauche, counterclaim, limpid, alum, cranny, talon, lectern, hutch, coven, hessian, augur, pallor, bawdy, lintel, ruck, refectory, weir

And was not sure about these words:

marrow, dash, skylark, hallmark, bristle, jug, devious, whim, crowbar, veer

(Putting these into my Anki right away!)

The website estimated my vocabulary size to be at least 13,700 English word families.

It also says that the average native speaker knows about 20,000 word families, for reading it’s enough to know 8,000–9,000 word families and for listening 6,000–7,000 word families.

If I learn 10 new words a day, I can reach 20,000 in 2 years. Sort of. :)

published: 2024-02-24
last modified: 2024-04-17