Academic Bio

Mgr. et Mgr. Vít Baisa, Ph.D.

I studied Informatics and Musicology at Masaryk University (MU).

In 2010 I received Jan Hus Educational Foundation Award.

In 2016 I successfully defended doctoral thesis about Byte-level Language Models (ibidem).

2009–2022 I was a researcher and lecturer at Natural Language Processing Centre, MU.

2012–2020 I worked as a developer at Lexical Computing, Ltd. on tools for corpus linguists and lexicographers.

2014–2020 I worked as a researcher and lecturer at Centre for Computational Linguistics, MU.

During Covid I left academia and worked as a freelance software engineer on several projects, but continued to collaborate with academia.

Links (profiles): MU, Google Scholar and LinkedIn.

Main publications

published: 2023-04-18
last modified: 2023-04-18