About me

My name is Vít Baisa.
It’s pronounced /vi:t bajza/.

I was born in 1985 in Brno, where I usually live (when not travelling).

I am a software engineer: portfolio, LinkedIn, github.

I spent a few years in academia doing research.

At the same time I worked in Lexical Computing developing and creating Sketch Engine, SkELL and other tools and data for linguists and lexicographers.

During COVID I worked fully remotely in a fintech startup Merlon.

I am a member of Toptal network.

Now I am a freelance software engineer working on various projects.

Since March 2022 I’ve been volunteering as a mentor for Digital Academy: Data for Czechitas.

Since December 2022 I’ve been working for AIMS in its research team.

Since July 2023 I’ve been working as a tech advisor, mentor and code reviewer for INJECT.

I play, compose and publish music.

I enjoy reading and listening to books and podcasts. I maintain my antilibrary.

I travel and make photos and videos (mostly timelapse),
I post them on Instagram and here.

I play badminton and used to play table tennis.


How to contact me.

published: 2020-01-01
last modified: 2024-03-28