My first JavaScript joke; ChatGPT approves!

Comparison in JS be like

a = b    // I don't care if they are equal, just make them equal from now on!
a == b   // Are they roughly equal?
a === b  // Are they really equal? I need to know this!
a ==== b // I don't care if they are equal, just make them different!

Not sure about the humour quality, I asked ChatGPT to Explain why it is funny:

This is funny because it is a humorous take on the different comparison operators used in programming languages. The first line uses the assignment operator = which is used to assign a value to a variable. The second line uses the equality operator == which checks if two values are equal. The third line uses the strict equality operator === which not only checks if two values are equal, but also checks if they are of the same type.

The fourth line, however, is not a valid comparison operator in any programming language. It uses the ==== operator to humorously suggest that someone wants to make two things different, regardless of whether they are currently equal or not. This joke highlights the importance of using the correct comparison operators in programming and the potential consequences of using them incorrectly.


published: 2023-04-27
last modified: 2023-04-27