Complete Mozart's Work

Today (2023-07-81) I finished listening to the complete Mozart’s work as I wanted to create my own “Best of” playlist. It took me a few weeks (roughly 160 hours of audio). Here is the the result (a Spotify playlist).

My insight is that a substantial part of Mozart’s work is ordinary and almost dull. But I believe it has to be in all the human endeavour: it takes time and many fails to grow and become a master. It doesn’t feel that way nowadays when we are bombarded by top selections, polished pieces of art—we don’t get to see the complete output of any artist and creator. No scratched ideas, no spoiled canvases, no embarrasingly simple works, … But Mozart didn’t know that we will scrutinize his whole production, recover his incidental music and analyze his first child pieces.

If I was to pick the absolutely best piece, I wouldn’t know as there are so many gems! One of them is Adagio from Serenade in B flat “Gran Partita”. It gives me goosebumps. Everytime.

I have listened to Bach and Handel complete works in the past (I can share the playlists if you want). What should I listen to next? :)


An old list compiled earlier

published: 2023-06-02
last modified: 2023-08-13