Lossless compression of memories

Marie Kondo on steroids but without the FOMO.

LMC method

  1. Make a heap from useless things.
  2. Choose those ones, which you can do without. Those, which are lossless but evoke you memories.
  3. Now it is time to compress your memories! Set out things and make a photo of them!
  4. Back up your photos on some of sufficiently reliable digital medium (CDROM or DVDRAM).
  5. Throw away photographed stuff!
  6. Don’t forget sorted waste!
  7. Enjoy the catharsis!


This method might remind you of lossless compression algorithms. I studied both and I must tell you: they are very different!

I have to point out one interesting property of the method. This property makes it different from all other compression methods. If you apply it on already compressed “memories” it won’t be lossless anymore!

I verified this behaviour experimentally. I took 3 CDs from the past. I applied the LMC method on them. To reduce any bias I waited for several days before continuing. Then I took the CD which I obtained from the second compression and the result was terrible.

Looking at the photo of those 3 CDs wouldn’t bring any memories! I was surprised.

Fortunately I didn’t throw out the bin so I took out the 3 CDs and the memories from the first pass were rescued.

On the other hand I realised that this is it: the perfect method. By repeating it you won’t get any better results!

Be careful! Don’t repeat the procedure of compressing on memories already compressed!

published: 2008-01-05
last modified: 2023-01-21