Instagram Is Removing My Posts

Edit 2022-04-10: I tried to rename my account from vit.baisa to vit_baisa and we posted from my wife’s phone and it worked. Now I can post also from my phone. I don’t know if the fact that I have in my bio which has some intersection with the previous username is relevant.

R A N T — W A R N I N G !

I have thousands of photos on my computer but I can’t share them efficiently with friends.

Recently I added a new section to my blog, but who would want to check my webpage for new photos?

Before, I used Picasaweb albums but it was retired in 2016. Google Photos are fine, but they don’t allow a view of all my photos. So I decided to create an Instagram account. A bit late to the party, right.

At first, I failed to sign up. I registered in Firefox on Linux, but the process failed. Instagram told me that I was using some wrong proxy and the account wasn’t created.

I disabled the default proxy in Firefox and tried again. But the sign up process was somehow blocked. I couldn’t verify my email, or I couldn’t log in, I don’t remember. BTW I don’t have a Facebook account.

I tried to access the account in mobile app, I thought it would be preferred. But then I received this email:

Hi vit.baisa,
It looks like your account was disabled by mistake. Your account has been reactivated, and you should now be able to log in. We’re sorry for any inconvenience.
If you have any issues getting back into your account, please let us know.
The Facebook Team

Fine, let’s do it! I started following a bunch of friends, they reciprocated immediately. So I started posting. But it took me roughly one day to get stuck again.

I posted two photos on April 3rd. But when I wanted to continue the next day, all my attempts failed. No matter what photo what hashtags, it was immediately removed (probably by an algorithm) due to a violation of the guidelines. Two reasons were offered:

I don’t know what the latter means, but I assumed that I posted too many times in a short period.

So I kagied1 a bit to learn more about the limits for new account, but was not very clever from the information on blogs. I guess Instagram thinks I might be a spam bot and has some unknown limit set for my account.

Fine, but it would be nice to know the limit so I can post as a normal human.

I waited one day, tried to post something, got removed again.

I waited two days, tried to post something, got removed again.

So I wrote a report via the app’s Help function. And I am waiting for the reply.

I also found that I can request a review of the removed posts. See Support Options in the list of Violations (Settings / Help / Support Requests / Violations). So I tried, but all attempts failed. It says: Review Request Failed. Please, try again. If I try again, I no longer see the button as before, it now says: See Community Guidelines. No way of requesting the review.


I guess most new accounts created are spam bots nowadays. So from the point of view of the anti-spam algorithm, I am probably a spam bot.

It sucks to be a spam bot. And it is frustrating.

  1. I don’t use Google Search any more. I use much better search engine at↩︎

published: 2022-04-08
last modified: 2023-01-21