How to start creating music

A short advice I gave on Reddit r/Composition. Here is the link.

Just start.

I once created a song and then a friend told me I stole it from M. Jackson. You don’t need to be 100% original. Nobody is. I believe we are recycling what we absorb in 99% cases.

Pick your favourite song and do a transcription. Or translate it into a different style. If you play an instrument, record your improvisations, you can later revisit them and find some inspiration in your own random walks.

Try to find out what you enjoy the most. What style, genre, form.

Try multimodality: if you have some drawings, compose a short music clips as a soundtrack for them.

Publish your creations online (share it here or on youtube or elsewhere) and don’t get dissapointed if you won’t get many likes at first. Publishing will help you to stop at some point and avoid endless improvements.

Don’t forget: your are doing it for yourself, enjoy the process. If you don’t like it, don’t do it. It should make you happy even if nobody listens to it!

published: 2023-04-05
last modified: 2023-08-13