Various old music, recordings

Miscellaneous older songs, jingles etc.

Vykopalovi, vánoční přání

Improvizace v babickém kostele

Píseň pro Barunku, když byla v Austrálii

Zkušební nahrávka Te Deum, bílovický kostel

Zkušební nahrávka Viva la Vida, bílovický kostel

The dates are only approximate. I suspect that these were made way earlier. Like when I was 3 years old? Something like this – judging by the quality of content.

Motorka pro Upsalu, 2008-ish

Drobné skladba pro firmu Upsala. Dva roky jezdím bez nehod, ve funky stylu.

Pastorale F Major

An improvised musical sketch.

Rock café bar I, 2007/02/15

Probably created using some ready-to-use samples.

Super Song 2000, 2006/02/15

I was so proud of this one. Then a friend told me that I stole it from Michael Jackson.


I am not so proud now.

Trance Mevaco, 2006/02/15

A jingle composed for a promo CD of Mevaco.

Techno Minimal, 2005/11/10

This one was a joke as I tried to mock the minimal techno music style.

I think I failed to make a joke (despite the fact that someone appreciated it when I posted it online).

A random attempt


Vangelish, 2006/02/15

The inspiration is clear in this one. The filename is simple Vangelis.mp3 on a backup. I think it is rather vangelish.

Harp and strings, 2000/06/11

A short piece, the result of my first explorations of MIDI and sequencer possibilities.

Skladatelské začátky, 2000/05/12

One of my first pieces. Mind that I was 15. Ok. Never mind.

It was around the time when I was not accepted for the Brno convervatory (organ).

first published: 2006-02-15
last modified: 2023-02-08