My music

Two-part invention in C

The influence of Bach's music on my style is clearly audible in this piece.

The Autumn Has Arrived

A meditative, soothing music for your ears.


Four themes and four ways of visualizing music. The generating script included!

Studie pro strunné nástroje

Skladba do soutěže v rámci předmětu Počítače a hudba II


A first attempt at synth wave style.

Preambulum and Fugue in C minor

My most complex counterpunctal composition with retrograde, augmented themes and also an insane stretto.

In The Fugue

A short playful piece based on motives from In the Mood and Chattanooga Choo Choo.

Heaven is Empty but Full of Stars

Ambient music with Pink Floydesque vibe.

Fantazie v Es

Skladba složená k příležitosti máminy vernisáže v Adamově

Black Keys

My very first “composition” or rather improvization of two layered voices, completely on black keys.

How Does Coronavirus Pandemic Sound?

A generative song based on RNA of SARS-CoV-2

The Subtle Art of giving a funk

Mark Manson's book The Art of Not Giving a Fuck is awesome, I highly recommend it! I just borrowed its name and tweaked it a bit and hope it doesn't sound too boastful.

Hommage à Jiří Šust

A short piece for pipe organ based on a choral melody by Jiří Šust

For my mom

I composed this piece for my mum's birthday in 2019. The first bars might remind you of a famous soundtrack. :)

Fantasia for Two Pianos

One of the first composed pieces using Sibelius.