The Feynman Lectures on Physics I

Richard Feynman

Summary: the famous lectures by Richard Feynman turned into a book


The beginning was a bit chaotic. Why he mentions psychology in the introduction?

I interrupted the reading of this book as the Kindle version is not well formatted. I will continue with the paper version once I get it.

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There Are No Final Decisions

Helium, even at absolute zero, does not freeze, unless the pressure is made so great

those that leave have more energy than the average, the ones that are left have less average motion than they had before. So the liquid gradually cools if it evaporates.

crystal is not made of atoms, but of what we call ions.

process in which the rearrangement of the atomic partners occurs is what we call a chemical reaction.

Observation, reason, and experiment make up what we call the scientific method.

Once in a while, by accident, we may rub off a few minuses or a few plusses (usually it is easier to rub off minuses),

A changing electric field cannot exist without magnetism.)

The electromagnetic field can carry waves; some of these waves are light, others are used in radio broadcasts, but the general name is electromagnetic waves.

There is no distinction between a wave and a particle.

discovered on a star before they were discovered on the earth. Helium was discovered on the sun, whence its name, and technetium was discovered in certain cool stars.

The stuff of which we are made, was “cooked” once, in a star, and spit out.

The proportion of the different isotopes—how much C, how much C, etc., is something which is never changed by chemical reactions, because

poets do not write to be understood.

published: 2023-07-07
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