Vít Baisa

I am a software engineer: CV, LinkedIn, github.

I was born in 1985 in Brno, now I live in Babice nad Svitavou.

I spent a few years in academia, teaching and writing papers.

I play the piano and compose and publish it.

I enjoy reading and listening books.

I occasionally tweet.

I do landscape photography. You may buy some of my photos or have a look: California, Chile and Argentina 2018, Thailand, Nepal 2017, Romania, Georgia, High Tatras, Canary Islands, Nepal 2014, Bolivia and Peru, Kyrgyzstan, Chile and Argentina 2010.

I play badminton and used to play table tennis.

And also… Baisa is 1/1000 of Omani rial. B-AIS-A are names of tones in Czech music nomenclature so it can be played like Bach’s name. All people with surname Baisa in Czech Republic are my close relatives. I am vegan and atheist. I listen Bach’s music a lot and like sitting at a bonfire. Friends call me Vítek or Ďábel (a nickname from Scouts).